Fueling innovation from within


Program Overview

Impact Hub Jakarta’s Corporate Innovation program strives to empower companies with the necessary tools and skills to not only fuel but cultivate a culture of innovation within the company.

Corporate innovation will be key to addressing the changing demands from target users and adapting quickly to shifting global market and industry trends, thereby maintaining a competitive edge. Impact Hub Jakarta’s Corporate Innovation program offers the following:

  1. Workshops facilitated by IHJ (for teams)
  2. Training led by IHJ (for individuals)
  3. Excursions: Impactful excursions for corporate teams
  4. Focus Group Discussions: Test products/service and gain user insight and feedback
  5. Corporate Membership: Premium access to Hub events, semi-incubation and work at the Hub
  6. Impact Hub Fellowship: Incubation program to support early-stage entrepreneurs 

Companies looking to develop a culture of innovation, engage in strategic partnerships and revolutionize their business can partner with Impact Hub Jakarta and leverage on the Hub’s thriving community, physical space, and extensive networks and expertise. The Corporate Innovation program can be designed to meet the specific needs of individual companies and offers a cost-effective and efficient means to drive innovation efforts in companies.

Program Benefits

The Corporate Innovation program allows your company to:

·   Facilitate your employees’ learning and growth by exposing them to new modes of working, new skills and concepts, and placing them in an entrepreneurial and high-energy working environment

·   Empower intrapreneurs within your company to ideate and lead change from within, increasing confidence, expanding empathy and knowledge, and improving productivity

·   Achieve greater job satisfaction and improved staff retention due to meaningful investment in the skills and knowledge of corporate executives


Impact Hub Jakarta will host a series of workshops which are short-term events that aim to provide corporate teams with hands-on training, and practice applying problem solving skills and design thinking principles to real-life issues. IH Jakarta will take on the role of a facilitator of these workshops, providing frameworks and guiding teams through the process. Workshops target teams and larger groups of individuals within companies, and will be focused on teaching the following topics/skills to larger groups:

1. Product Innovation: Why and how we can innovate to create new products or improve existing ones

  • Considering the user’s full experience with the product
  • Persona mapping

2. Design Thinking and Human-Centric Design: How DT principles can be applied in the corporate setting

  • Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test

Workshop formats will vary based on the relevant topic or skill, however, possible formats may include:

A) Design Sprint

  • Define Sprint Challenge specific to company
  • User research
  • Team members from different departments
  • Collaboration with external experts

B) On/Off-Site

  • Orientation + Brainstorming
  • Site visit (based on relevant problem)
  • Prototyping
  • Intervention


The Corporate Innovation training program is geared towards developing the entrepreneurial abilities of talented and passionate individuals. Training programs allow participants to gain new perspectives and insight, and expose employees to relevant knowledge and concepts in the start-up world and social impact sector, developing a new generation of intrapreneurs. While workshops focus on facilitating group discussion and are more short-term in nature, the training program is long-term and more content-heavy. This allows participants to gain both depth and breadth, and focus more intensively on skills and knowledge development.

Topics covered through the Corporate Innovation Training Program include:

  1. Personal journey: understanding our personal motivations behind innovating, what inspires us and what drives us
  2. Leadership: leading a team of innovators, leading innovation from within
  3. Product development
  4. Business prototyping
  5. Pitching and presentation skills
  6. Initiating change in the workplace
  7. Business model canvassing
  8. Idea Validation

Wild Idea? Introducing KickBox as a part of the Corporate Innovation training program, either a supplement at the end of the program, or as an alternative (perhaps developing Impact Hub’s own KickBox). To learn more about KickBox, see the Corporate Innovation Case Studies section below.


The excursions component of the Corporate Innovation program aims to bring team members out of the office and into the streets, with uniquely crafted experiences that foster the development of empathetic skills, team building, allow participants to practice design thinking skills and gain exposure to new environments.

“Other Side” Bike Trails

The “Other Side” Bike Trails are impactful and enjoyable tours on two-wheels that bring participants around various locations across Jakarta, where they are able to discover new neighborhoods, identify urban and social issues affecting the city of Jakarta, and network with peers. The trails are designed to: 

  • Build community and camaraderie amongst participants through a shared activity/sport 
  • Enlarge participants’ perspective of various areas in Jakarta in an enjoyable and relaxed manner

Tours that have been offered in the past include:

  1. Other Side of Kemang: a neighborhood popular with expats in South Jakarta with a vibrant art, lifestyle and culinary scene
  2. Other Side of Kebayoran: a popular middle-upper class neighborhood in South Jakarta
  3. Other Side of Kota Tua: Jakarta’s old colonial district in North Jakarta boasting European architecture, squares, museums, and a unique culinary adventure

Walk the City

The Walk the City experience aims to allow participants to practice and implement design thinking skills and human-centric design concepts, by bringing participants to a chosen location with a specific social issue that is related to the team’s core business, product, or clients. The Walk the City sessions are designed to:

  • Increase participants’ sensitivity and awareness of their surroundings
  • Enhance their ability to communicate their observations and ideas with colleagues
  • Identify and validate unmet needs
  • Practice empathetic listening

Walk the City session breakdown:

i.     Session 1: Field trip to X location (where issue is prevalent and relevant to product, business operations, etc.)

  1. During this field trip, participants are free to explore the area and expected to make and record observations, thoughts, feelings, etc.
  2. Participants may also be introduced to a local community member who will be able to share his/her perspective, and answer the groups’ questions, change the participants’ preconceived notions about the space

ii.     Session 2: Hands-on designing and prototyping solutions

  1. Group discussion to share participants’ observations, observe the different problems/needs that were identified
  2. Discuss potential interventions that are specific to the community’s needs and behaviors
  3. Provide necessary materials (chart paper, etc.) to create tangible solutions to problems identified on-site

Guiding questions: What needs were unmet in this community? How did you identify these needs? Was your perspective changed by what the community member shared? How so?


Focus group discussions are a crucial component of any innovation program, providing innovators with user insight to improve products, services and projects. Impact Hub Jakarta offers access to our community, with whom companies can engage with to pitch and brainstorm ideas, or introduce new products and collect feedback.

Meet the People

Impact Hub Jakarta will organize and facilitate Meet the People sessions, where corporates connect and interact directly with potential user groups for a productive discussion about their new ideas and offerings. Impact Hub Jakarta will assist corporate teams with the preparation prior to the MTP session, in terms of goal-setting, determining the type of information that corporates would like to collect, etc. The IHJ team will also review the findings of the MTP session with teams to discuss how innovation projects can be improved and more aligned with user needs in the form of a post-discussion review.


At Impact Hub Jakarta, we believe innovation is also driven by immersing ourselves in a nurturing environment, where individuals can interact with and gain insight from other fellow innovators and creative thinkers. Working from the Hub will expose corporate executives to new modes of work that emphasize impact and purposeful collaboration, and allow teams to experience first-hand the thriving start-up culture at the Hub. The Corporate Membership package under the Corporate Innovation program includes the following:

  • Work from the Hub: Companies may choose to have their executives work at our co-working space, where their executives will be exposed to and inspired by our community members
  • Event access: Members will receive access to networking events and gatherings hosted by Impact Hub Jakarta and CoWorkInc.
  • Members will receive mentorship and guidance from Impact Hub Jakarta community
  • Participation in IHJ Corporate Innovation workshops and training programs

Thank you for your time.


We hope to hear from you soon!